Administrative Team

helpful, dynamic in solving customer ‘s problems and demands.

Admnistration Manager

Carla Baccino

The Administrative department pursues the mission of a correct management of accounting systems and resources to fulfill an adequate administrative, fiscal and financial command of the Company and the Group.

Provide economic results – Financial Company, highlighting timely manner relevant situations in order to prepare the necessary corrective measures; > Ensure the Company the necessary financial resources to the best market conditions; > Ensure the performance of all obligations of administrative and fiscal nature; > Manage payroll processes and the resulting pension obligations for employees; > Manage industrial relations and disputes relating to employees and executive of the Company; > Manage / process of organizational development strategies in line with company strategy. The entire process is supervised by external controls and specifically accountant, auditor and statutory auditors

Rigid endoscopes Team

Repair of light sources, bulbs replacements, preventive maintenance and electric security tests

Rigid endoscopes manager

Marcello Gallo

Maintenance of rigid endoscopes of every model and brand, exchange replacement, refurbishment.

Repair and final check with sterilization and technical report which includes computerized evaluation of optical and geometrical parameters, with images and diagrams.

Repair of urethero-nephroscopes and operative scopes Full repair, including image guide fiber or prisms replacement. Light cables and light instruments Sale, repair and/or exchange of light cables of every brand, model and dimensions; maintenance of fiber or bulb front lamps. Inspection, repair or full refurbishment on light instruments, Light sources Repair of light sources, bulbs replacement , preventive maintenance, and electric security tests.

Quality certified: Endoscope®

Mediteck and ETT Solutions, software-house from Genoa, leader in the production of innovative softwares have developed an objective evaluation system for rigid endoscopes Endoscope®. Endoscope® system is a highly innovative solution. Endoscope® allows to make, in a quick and interactive way, a number of evaluating tests of the endoscope performances. The system is made by a support hosting the rigid scope to be tested and the optical target. The support allows to align the endoscope to a video-camera, acquiring the images in very similar conditions to the real operative situations.

Endoscope® obtains and examines the images and the optic performances of the scope and also provides several functions for the management, storage and report of records and physical data of the examinated instruments.

This section is fundamental because it allows to create comparative test reports, to create an archive and to save the reference data to define the quality of the scope repair.

Endoscope® provides the following functional data:

Field of View – FOV
Direction of View – DOV
Image quality and distorsion
Colour evaluation


Flexible endoscopes team

The best solution at the right price.

Flexible endoscopes manager

Pierluigi Illardo

Repair of Flexible endoscopes, video e fiber-endoscopes, among them Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Storz. Repair of the majority of the models of the major producers and types of endoscopes such as:

Monofiber Endoscopes, ex. for lacrymal duct


Repair with final quality reports with validate procedures. Possibility to make different kind of maintenance agreements: programs of planned maintenance to prevent onerous damages like: infiltration, CCD damage, etc. Maintenance programs, like full-risk Including or excluding CCD. Moreover we can offer partial repair following the customer’s request, the instrument is given in working and security condition following the laws in force. Training Organization of courses on functional trials and first damage diagnosis.


Multi-year experience technicians (in OLYMPUS and FUJI head-offices) make all the phases of the repair process, qualified personnel supports or helps in particular mechanical or electronic labours i.e. channels/wires repair/replacement. At the end of every repair the manager technician fills the quality form following the quality procedures executing the functional control on:

Full repair of all small flexible endoscopes:

nasopharingoscopes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, including the image guide replacement.

wires and vision/brighteness
water/air insufflation system
connection system to light source or video processor and electrical contacts check
sheaths status with leak test
operative /supporting channels check
elevator wire check
switches check
final quality test
sheath resistence test with validate procedure (technical report on request)
electric security test according to IEC 60601-1 rule

Surgical instruments and powered equipment team

From a simple repair to the realization of prototypes: a full service.

Surgical instruments and powered equipment manager

Elda Moizo

Repair, sharpening, restoration of surgical instruments of every brand. Traditional, specialized, micro, diamond scalpels. Possibility of a full restoration or exchange with new original or compatible instruments.



MEDICAL DEVICES Repair of phonendoscopes, repair and setting of sphygmomanometers, aneroid and mercurial, with the issue of a setting certificate. Possibility of exchange or sale with original or compatible new. MAKING OF PROTOTYPES Study and making of prototypes of surgical instruments, sheaths, trocars, accessories for surgical beds or any kind of device, following the customer’s guidelines, with capability of marking following the current laws (CE Mark)


Microsurgery dedicated facility.

Mediteck, using the consolidated and multiyear experience in the repair of traditional and specialistic surgical instruments can now offer a very high technological capability: maintenance and repair of ophthalmic and microsurgery instruments. Mediteck has prepared a dedicated facility for microsurgical repairs where, thanks to specific equipment and microscopes, and high specialized technicians can make every kind of repair. Our technicians, knowing very well the materials of each instrument and using a collection of scale drawings and catalogues, can restore the original operative features. The level of the repair depends on the condition of the instrument and can be summarized in the following categories:

  • Microsurgical forceps
    • bite and claws inspection and alignment
    • claws straightening and grinding
    • handle and springs inspection
    • handle repair
    • handle and springs restoration
  • Microsurgical scissors
    • delicate sharpening
    • handle and springs inspection
    • handle repair
    • blades restoration
  • Hooks/choppers
    • end inspection
    • handle inspection
    • final end restoration
    • claws restoration

Extremely interesting are bite, claws and terminal parts restoration, because these operations allow to fully restore the functionality of instruments otherwise unusable. Restoration is made with original materials and guarantees a solid structural strength. The instrument morphology is perfectly reproduced thanks to reference drawings and measures.

Powered Surgical Equipment

PNEUMATIC POWERED INSTRUMENTS Repair of all brands and models of pneumatic powered instruments and their accessories. Repair of air powered instruments, or mechanic powered instruments, either micro or Orthopaedics. Authorized Assistance center for ROTOMED powered instruments, pneumatic hoses and footswitches. ELECTRIC POWERED INSTRUMENTS Repair of the most models of the main brands of Electric powered instruments. PIN DRIVERS, CHUCKS, ACCESSORIES Repair, refurbishment or replacement of accessories, pin drivers, chucks. HOSES Recondition, repair and refurbishment of pneumatic and mechanic hoses of every model. ELECTRIC CORDS Stryker electric cords recondition, replacement of multi-brand cables. CONTROL UNITS Repair of electronic and mechanical control units for surgical powered instruments.

Repair, replacement and refurbishment of pneumatic and electric powered drills and their accessories of the main brands:



Repair of:


Large availability of loaners, for free during the time of repair.

Mediteck: A system that works

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Instruments repaired per year

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