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    Quality, quickness, reasonable prices.

    Maintenance of rigid endoscopes of every model and brand, exchange replacement, refurbishment.

    Repair and final check with sterilization  and technical report which includes computerized evaluation of optical and geometrical parameters, with images and diagrams.

    Repair of urethero-nephroscopes and operative scopes

    Full repair, including image guide fiber or prisms replacement.

    Light cables and light instruments

    Sale, repair and/or exchange  of light cables of every brand, model and dimensions; maintenance of fiber or bulb  front lamps.

    Inspection, repair or full refurbishment on light instruments such as valves, etc….

    Light sources

    Repair of light sources, bulbs replacement , preventive maintenance, and electric security tests.

    Quality certified: Endoscope®


    Mediteck and ETT Solutions, software-house from Genoa,  leader in the  production of innovative softwares have developed an objective evaluation system for rigid endoscopes: Endoscope®.

    Endoscope® system  is a highly innovative solution.

    Endoscope® allows to make, in a quick and interactive way, a number of evaluating tests of the endoscope performances. The system is  made by a support  hosting the rigid scope to be tested and the optical target.

    The support allows to align the endoscope to a video-camera, acquiring the images in very similar conditions to the real operative situations.

    Endoscope® obtains and examines the images and the optic  performances  of the  scope and also provides several functions for the management, storage and report of records  and physical data of the examinated instruments. This section is fundamental because allows to create comparative test reports, to create an archive and to save the reference data to define the quality of the scope repair.


    Endoscope® provides the following functional data:


    • Field of View – FOV
    • Direction of View – DOV
    • Image quality and distorsion
    • Colour evaluation
    • Brightness

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