Cusa handpieces

Mediteck is pleased to offer a full repair service of CUSA handpieces.
All Cusa handpieces are repaired and/or fully restored.

We offer a very competitive price, quick turn-around time and high quality parts, guaranteeing the best possible repairs. We invite you to try us out to start saving.

Here are some handpieces we can repair


Integra 23 kHz CUSA Excel
Integra 24 kHz CUSA Selector
Integra 36 kHz CUSA Selector
Radionics CUSA Excel
Stryker Synergetics SonoPet Omni
ValleyLab 23 kHz CUSA
ValleyLab 36 kHz CUSA

Pls. Contact us to know the possibility of other handpieces type.

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