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Medical Instruments

Repair, sharpening, reconditioning of surgical instruments of every brand. Traditional, specialistic, micro, diamond blades. Possibility of full reconditioning or exchange with original or compatible  new instruments.


Repair of phonendoscopes, repair and setting of sphygmomanometers, aneroid and mercurial, with the issue of a setting certificate. Possibility of exchange or sale with original or compatible  new.

Making of Prototypes

Study and making of prototypes of surgical instruments, sheaths, trocars, accessories for surgical beds or any kind of device, following the customer’s guidelines, with capability of marking following the current laws (CE Mark)

Microsurgery dedicated facility.

Mediteck, using the consolidated and multiyear  experience in the repair of traditional and specialistic surgical instruments  can now  offer a very high technological capability:  maintenance and repair of ophthalmic and microsurgery instruments.

Mediteck has  prepared a dedicated facility for microsurgical repairs where, thanks to specific equipment and microscopes,  high specialized technicians  can make every kind of repair. Click on the image to view an example of capsuloressi forcep repair.

Our technicians, knowing very well the materials of each instrument and using a collection of scale drawings and catalogues, can restore the original operative features.

Repair levels depend on the condition of the instrument and can be summarized in the following categories:


Microsurgical  forceps

bite and claws inspection and alignment
claws straightening and grinding
handle and springs inspection
handle  repair
handle and springs restoration


Microsurgical scissors


delicate sharpening
handle and springs inspection
handle  repair
blades restoration


end inspection
handle inspection
final end restoration
claws restoration


Extremely interesting are bite, claws and terminal parts restoration,  because these operations  allow to fully restore the functionality of instruments otherwise unusable. Restoration is made with original materials and guarantees a solid structural  strength. The instrument morphology is perfectly reproduced thanks to reference drawings and measures.

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